Lorain County Job & Family Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range is child care provided for?

  • Ages 0-13
  • If there are special needs as determined by a physician, children ages 13-18 may also be eligible

Is there a limit to the number of hours my provider can watch my children each day?

  • Yes, a provider can only be paid for a maximum of 18 hours per day

I work third shift. Can the Department of Job and Family Services pay for a child care provider while I sleep?

  • Sleep time is determined on a case-by-case basis, but not to exceed 8 hours per day

I am unemployed and looking for work. Will you pay for child care during this time?

  • No. In order to receive subsidized child care, the care must be provided while you are at work, school, or participating in an OWF program.

I only use child care 2 days in the month. Do I still owe the entire co-payment (fee)?

  • If the cost of child care for the month is less than the co-payment, you pay the actual cost of care to your provider

What are the income guidelines to receive child care?

2019 Maximum Monthly Gross Income per Family Size
Family Size Income Limit for Initial Eligibility
Income Limit for Transitional Eligibility Income Limit for Ongoing Eligibility for Child Care
2 $1,784 $2,058 $4,115
3 $2,252 $2,598 $5,195
4 $2,720 $3,138 $6,275
5 $3,188 $3,678 $7,355
6 $3,656 $4,218 $8,435
7 $4,124 $4,758 $9,515
8 $4,592 $5,298 $10,595
9 $5,060 $5,838 $11,675
10 $5,528 $6,378 $12,755


I want to be certified as a child care provider with Lorain County Department of Job and Family Services. What do I have to do, and how long will it take?

  • Contact the LCDJFS Child Care Provider supervisor at (440) 284-4436
  • Several documents, like fingerprint cards and references, need to be submitted to us and reviewed for approval. A background check is run, and a home inspection is completed
  • The average length of time for certification is 12 weeks

Will you pay someone to come into MY home and care for my children?

  • No

Can I take my children to a Day Care Center?