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The primary responsibility of this unit is to establish paternity and to obtain an order for child support and/or health insurance for children who are not receiving the financial support of one or both parents. The unit also must determine eligibility for Federal Title IV-D services and waive support to State Department of Job and Family Services when children are in receipt of TANF assistance.

A man is a "putative" father of a child unless he was married to the mother, signed a birth certificate prior to January 1, 1998, filed an acknowledgment in Ohio's Central Paternity Registry, or has had paternity established in an administrative hearing or by a court. Before a support order can be obtained, paternity must be established by one of the methods described above. The unit is also responsible for scheduling genetic testing as needed, scheduling administrative paternity and support hearings and mistake of fact hearings, locating the absent parent and gathering sufficient evidence to proceed with a paternity and support action.