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ABD Medicaid

Who is potentially eligible for ABD Medicaid?

  • Adults age 65 and older, or
  • Individuals who are legally blind or disabled per the Social Security Administration (SSA) --these people usually receive SSI or RSDI income from the SSA

What are some other eligibility guidelines?

  • All receipients must be Ohio residents
  • Individuals cannot own over $2,000 worth of countable resources.  Resources are assets such as vehicles, life insurance policies, property, and bank accounts.  Certain resources are exempt, such as one vehicle and someone's residence; others count toward the $2,000 resource limit.  For a married couple, the resource limit is $3,000
  • All household income must be verified
  • SSI income does not count in the ABD Medicaid budget but must be verified
  • The income limit for a single individual is $794 and the income limit for a couple is $1,191.

 How do I apply for ABD Medicaid?

Where can I go if I have additional questions on ABD Medicaid?