Lorain County Job & Family Services


What transportation services are offered for recipients of public assistance?

  • The Non-Emergency (NET) Transportation Program provides rides to and from medical appointments.
  • The OWF Cash Assistance Program provides certain OWF Cash Assistance recipients rides to and from work sites.


Non-Emergency (NET) Transportation


If I receive Medicaid through an HMO, can I still qualify for the NET Program?

  • Only after you have exhausted all of the HMO's transportation services.  To find out what types of transportation your HMO covers, please visit the following websites: 









United Healthcare




Who is eligible to receive NET?

  • All Medicaid recipients

How does the program work?

  • LCDJFS opens a NET case for Medicaid recipients in need of transportation assistance with either LifeCare Ambulance Services, Provide a Ride, or Lorain County Transit
  • Clients who will be using transportation services are determined to be eligible by the LCDJFS Transportation Coordinator.  The clients must then call the provider to arrange for future services
  • ALL NET rides require 48 hours notice

What types of appointments can I get transportation assistance for?

  • Medicaid appointments ONLY
  • Transportation can be out of Lorain County, as long as the medical facility accepts Medicaid AND the physician/medical facility provides written veriifcation that the services they are performing are not available in Lorain County


Is there any limit to the number of times I can use the NET Program?

  • No

How do I apply for the NET Program?

  • Call the LCJFS Transportation Coordinator at (440) 284-4355


OWF Cash Assistance and Transportation

Who is eligible to receive transportation services through the OWF Cash Assistance Program?

  • Only those recipients of OWF Cash Assistance who are required to travel to and from a Work Experience Program (WEP) or a JOBS Program worksite

What types of transportation assistance are available through this program?

  • Bus tickets
  • $50 monthly travel allowance (issued in conjunction with OWF monthly benefit allotment)

How do I find more information about this program?

  • If you receive OWF Cash Assistance and have questions about this program, call your ESC/JOBS Worker or the LCJFS Call Center at (440) 284-4300